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White Fire OG – CBD Vape Pen Cartridge, True Full Spectrum, Pine, Gas, Earthy, Indica, Relax


Secret Nature – CBD White Fire OG – CBD Vape Pen Cartridge – Buy Secret Nature CBD Online – Where can I Buy Secret Nature CDB 

Buy Secret Nature Organic Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen – made with CBD live resin extract and real cannabis terpenes, for a true cannabis experience.  This is a 100% pure cannabis extract containing beneficial plant oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Mood Potential: Indica / Rest

Terpene Profile: Pine, earth, and gas, with undertones of lemon lime soda

Cannabinoid Totals Per 700mg Cartridge (200 Doses Per Cartridge)
436mg CBD   –  3.2mg CBDV  –   2.1mg  CBC  –   0.56mg CBG

Cannabinoid Totals Per 1200mg Cartridge (375 Doses Per Cartridge)
747mg CBD   –  5.4mg CBDV  –   3.5mg  CBC  –   .95 mg CBG

  • 3rd party lab tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents
  • Battery and Charger not included, option to add
  • No artificial flavors, ingredients, or cutting agents
  • Medical grade stainless steel, glass, and ceramic elements
  • No plastics, No GMOs, Vegan, LESS THEN 0.3% THC


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