Platinum Vape Pink Kush Cartridge


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Platinum Vape Pink Kush is a heavy Indica strain that is believed to be a descendant of OG Kush and Strawberry Cough. With high levels of THC, the consumer can find themselves in the utmost state of relaxation and pleasure. Some say it immediately gives them the ”giggles”. The high is long-lasting which makes this suitable for evening use. It has a pleasing aroma that resembles sweet, strawberry candy and tastes like vanilla and berry. Platinum Vape

Aroused, Creative, Energized, Euphoric, Focused, Uplifted.
The Platinum cartridge is energizing and boosts your creative side. It’s perfect for an active day of
feeling present, engaging in your favorite sports, or a stimulating artistic endeavor.
Effect profile: Uplifting, focus


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