Platinum Edibles (THC Infused)




THC-Infused Gummies
Platinum Edibles: California-based Platinum offers lines of THC-infused gummies and chocolate bars. Each gummy coin contains 5 mg of THC, and there are 20 gummy coins in each tin. The gummy range includes:

  • Watermelon, topped with sparkling sugar
  • Fruit Punch, topped with rainbow sugar
  • Blue Raspberry, topped with sparkling sugar
  • Birthday Cake, topped with rainbow nonpareils
  • Cocoa Banana Cream Pie, covered with cookie crumbs

Each of Platinum’s chocolate bars, ranging from 3.25-3.32 oz., contains 100 mg of THC. The chocolate bar range includes:

  • Sea Salt 75% Dark Chocolate: Made with cocoa sourced from a single plantation, the bar also has a hint of Maldon sea salt.
  • Raspberry Lemon Crunch White Chocolate: Sweetened rice crisps, glazed lemon zest and crackling sugar are encased in raspberry white chocolate.
  • Thai Coffee Crunch White Chocolate: An exotic blend of coffee, warming Thai spices and caramelized white chocolate with crispy rice puffs.
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel: Velvety milk chocolate with a hint of caramel and a touch of Maldon sea salt.
  • Cookies N’ Cream: Rich dark cocoa cookies are enrobed in luscious white chocolate. Platinum Edibles


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