Health Care Shorty Thompson: U.S. Marshal: Thirty Miles From Nowhere: A Western Adventure Novel (Shorty Thompson: U.S. Marshal: Tales of the Old West Book 120) ediblesonlinestore

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A brand new Shorty Thompson adventure from Paul L. Thompson!

Crag Lawton laughed as he saw U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson roll down an embankment after being thrown from that slow-moving train. “Never knowed what hit him, Leo. Now yer shor that was that marshal what’s been doggin’ our tails?”
“Think so, littlest cowboy in there. Could’a been him alright. I’s just told it was ah little cowboy. He was nappin’ right good ‘fore I really put him to sleep. Makes no matter now. He’s thirty miles from nowhere.
“Now we still have us better’n ah thirty-mile train ride gettin’ to Winnemucca. Ten miles this side we hit that Wells Fargo car. Bates an’ Dugger will have horses waitin’ an’ we head north right up that Humboldt River. Then we’ll cut a bit west to that stage road on up to McDermitt an’ across that border into Oregon an’ Washington then into Canada. No law can come after us up there. Even in this heat ought’a not take much more’n two weeks at the most. I’d be thinkin’ just that.”

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